Hannah’s Shenanigans: Adventures in Japan

That Obligatory Japanese Apartment Tour

It only took half a year but here it is. Finally. The video tour of my Japanese apartment!

Luckily it’s nowhere near as tiny as the “coffin apartment” of the poor woman in the picture above…


  1. g.ma clarkson

    What a great place! You make a very special tour guide. Thanks for the tour and stay warm. LOVE you.

  2. Paula Hull

    I would certainly miss chairs and couches. What do the elderly with arthritic knees do? No way I could be on the floor all the time. I have opened your site on my IPhone 5S and my iPad. I don’t use a regular computer anymore so can’t check it out. Was nice seeing you in your new digs.
    Love, Aunt Paula

    1. Hannah (Post author)

      Believe me – I totally miss “regular” furniture! Most Japanese houses / apartments have normal couches, chairs, tables, etc. but this is what was here when I got here so I’m making due! It’s definitely done wonders for my leg strength, that’s for sure! However, my mom asked the same thing in regard to the “squat” toilets, and I can say that pretty much every Japanese person I have met (no matter how old) has really strong legs! Since they grow up using squat toilets, kotatsus and the like and doing things like the tea ceremony—that require them to squat on the ground for long periods of time—it seems like they never have a problem with getting up off the ground. It’s pretty amazing!


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