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That Obligatory Japanese Apartment Tour: Summer Edition

With the unexpected popularity of my first apartment tour, came a lot of requests for a better quality video. So here it is: the summer edition tour of my apartment in Kumihama, Kyoto-fu! The quality is still far from perfect, as I am by no means a professional camerawoman, but hopefully this one will be a bit easier to watch! I also discuss some tips for apartment maintenance during those brutal Japanese summer months, so it may be worth a gander if you have no desire to see my apartment again.

In other news, I will be moving to Tokyo in less than two weeks now. I plan to do a tour of that apartment once I have everything settled, so keep an eye out for it! As the apartment I am moving into is both in a very urban area (and urban Tokyo, no less) and new (it was only just built last year!), it is sure to be drastically different from my current place in more ways than one!

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  1. G.ma Clarkson

    What a great tour guide you are! I know now you have arrived safely in Tokyo and probably have unpacked and wonder where am I going to put my “stuff”. Hope you are able to find a spot for your belongings and enjoy your time there. Looking forward to seeing you the last of the month. Love you.


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