Hannah’s Shenanigans: Adventures in Japan

Greetings from Kumihama!

I finally have internet at my apartment so hopefully posts will be a little more regular from now on. As I’m still pretty short on time, this post will basically just be pictures from around my area – pictures are always more fun anyways!

The main room of my apartment – I also have another room, a tatami room, and wash and toilet rooms (usually the tub and toilet are separated in Japan) – I will be posting a video tour soon


The view from my tatami room – in the distance is a gift shop for crab, exclusively? Haven’t been yet cause I hear it’s expensive                          


The view from my main room – rice fields and mountains, aplenty

IMG_1193 IMG_1221

The view on the other side of my apartment – MORE rice fields and a Lawson convenience store


My new ride – I dubbed her “Minnie” for obvious reasons that may not be so obvious in these pictures…will be posting a size comparison at some point

September Jiphone 2 001September Jiphone 2 004

A sign for “Tetsujin,” the local gym I joined


Walking around Kumihama – I live in Kyotango but it covers A LOT of land cause in the early 2000s,  it was formed by combining six small towns – these areas are still considered towns by the locals, and the one I’m in is Kumihama


Kumihama Bay

IMG_1215  IMG_1275 IMG_1273IMG_1282IMG_1277

A road near where I live


My reunion with Sushi-Ro, my all-time favorite sushi place!

IMG_1239 IMG_1240

Chilling in a surprisingly comfortable pig chair in Tango Village


My reunion with gyuudon (beef bowl), my all-time favorite Japanese food!


Kazuranohama Beach – There’re maybe 5 or so beaches within 15-20 minutes of me and at least 20 that I’m aware of in Kyotango – I know, you’re jealous, right? Now if only the weather would be nice enough to be able to go more often…

IMG_1329 IMG_1338

Shotenkyo Beach – apparently one of the best beaches in Kyotango? Can’t really tell the difference between it and the other one I went to – maybe it has to do with the summer tourism, which is over now

September Jiphone 2 207 September Jiphone 2 201

So that’s it for now! Hopefully I’ll get a decent hunk of free time here soon so I can catch up on posting everything I’ve wanted to this past month! 😉


  1. Gma azok

    wow wow wow i love where you are. you are the best of america. we are so excited for you. keep posting.

  2. G.Ma Clarkson

    What lovely scenery you are surrounded with! Good photography too.


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