Hannah’s Shenanigans: Adventures in Japan

Greetings from Arakawa-ku!

So it’s been quite some time since my last blog post…sorry about that! The past few months I have been very busy with leaving Kumihama, visiting the States, moving to Tokyo, and getting settled into my new life. Now that I’ve had some time, I thought I’d try to squeeze in a post before the whirlwind that I’m sure November is going to be (I will simultaneously be studying for the JLPT N2 and working on my NaNoWriMo novel…may the force be with me).

Since I haven’t posted anything since my move, I thought I’d do a post that focuses on pictures of the area – similar to the one I did after moving to Kumihama last year. Hopefully it’ll help paint a picture of my new home, which happens to be Arakawa-ku, Tokyo!


The main (and pretty much only) room of my apartment, shortly after I moved in. Compare this to the pic of my main room in Kumihama and you’ll get an idea of one of the major differences between city and country living in Japan!

My main room from another angle.

My main room from another angle.


The view from my front door (it basically encompasses my entire apartment). The toilet room and shower room are on the left and the kitchen IS the hallway I’m looking down.


The view outside my new place… no mountains or giant crabs to be found. Though I do appreciate the attempt to provide at least a little green in this beast of a concrete jungle.


Forget Lawson – I live next to Pizza Hut now! If you’ve ever lived in Japan you know just how big of a deal this is. I literally live just next to it. It. Is. Amazing. However, my wallet would protest!


Whenever I get lost, I just follow the Pizza Hut mopeds and sure enough, I’m back home in no time!


Right next to Pizza Hut is this quaint little cafe, “Punch and Judy”! I’ve yet to check it out but it caught my attention because I wasn’t expecting to see a cafe named after an old-school Western puppet show in the middle of Tokyo?


The Arakawa River (the “kawa” in Arakawa actually means “river”). See! Tokyo can be pretty, too!


Taken at a nearby park. It’s by far one of the most unique parks I’ve been to – you actually have to climb a few flights of stairs to reach it. So you can get a great view of the city from the park OR pretend it doesn’t exist, as you can see in this picture.


Taken at the same park as above… you can see a wonderful translation job at work!


My bike (it’s the awesome one with bright green, btw… :P) in a bike parking lot near Tabata station. Bikes are the cars of Tokyo!


Speaking of Tabata Station, here’s the bridge just outside of the station. I forget the real name because my nickname for it is “Nugget Bridge.” It got that nickname because when I first moved to my new place, every time I crossed this bridge it was always lined with people playing Pokemon Go.


The “naked lady statue” (again I forget the real name), a Pokestop on Nugget Bridge.


“Tiny clock tower,” as I call it. You can find mini-sized versions of everything in Japan – apparently mini clock towers even!


Such lovely Elven designs! (Am I that much of a nerd that all I can think of when I see these designs is Dragon Age? XD) But seriously. I LOVE this bridge. Not only is it good for Pokemon and has a nice view, but it also has street performers at night! It’s a great place to chill after a long day spent running around Tokyo! Oh and I remember the name now – it’s Fureai-bashi. 


A local shrine I always pass going from my apartment to Tabata station. Part of the reason why I’ve always loved Tokyo is that these will show up in the most random of places. …As can be seen in the next pic.


A zoomed out shot of the very same shrine!


The view of a road near my place. I thought it was cool that they decorate with flags from around the world!


I love that within 15 minutes of my apartment in all directions there are a wide variety of transportation options – train, subway, bus, monorail, and trolley! And yes, that is a pink trolley.


Taken at the nearest Tsutaya – my go-to store for getting new games. They also sell music, movies, books, etc. But this particular Tsutaya is amazing because it’s a separate building just for games, right next door to the normal Tsutaya! One of my favorite series, Persona, just got a new iteration and so it’s being advertised everywhere!


Another of my favorite series, “Tales of…”, ALSO just got a new iteration – what a great time to be living in Japan! <3


Since I’m on the subject of games, why not end this post with the awesome Mario-themed building close to my apartment!

Oh and speaking of Mario, maybe you were wondering just what in the heck the featured image is? Well my friend, that is one of my my new neighbors. Gotta love Tokyo!


  1. Emre

    This was a joy to read, would love to hear more from you. Will there be a new apartment tour or something similar? 🙂 You must be busy. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hannah (Post author)

      Hi Emre!

      Thanks! And I definitely have been busy! However, I just took the JLPT N2 yesterday and NaNoWriMo ended last week, so I should have a bit more time again from here on out! To celebrate, I’m planning on getting a few blog posts out by the end of the month. And I will also be doing a tour of my new apartment at some point in the near future! I’m thinking I’ll try to get that out in February, around the 1 year anniversary of my first tour.

  2. Dad

    Hi Hannah- The “GREETINGS FROM ARAKAWA-KU!” post was interesting to read to get a local flavor of your environment. Your pictures were fun to look at. I hope you post more themed blogs to enlighten us non-travelers as to what life in Japan is like (i.e sports, nightlife, recreation, arts, work,etc. Btw..when will you get the results of the JLPT N2? Have you designed a cover for your novel yet? Love-Dad

    1. Hannah (Post author)

      Hey Dad! Thanks. I have a lot of posts like that planned… but we’ll see if I ever actually get around to writing them! I get the JLPT results in about a month, I think. And my novel cover is in the works at the moment. 😉


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