Hannah’s Shenanigans: Adventures in Japan


I’m a gamer, freelancer, writer, coach, power-lifter, martial artist, demi-sexual, Manifestor, Leo, Life Path 11, Team Instinct, Gryffindor NERD. And if you know the meaning of all of those things, then we should probably be friends. 🙂  My adventurous nature often lands me in some exciting, silly, and just plain awkward situations—but hey, they make for some great stories!

I currently live in Tokyo, though I will likely be returning to Ohio soon and then heading to Australia after that.

And after that?

New Zealand? Cambodia? Italy? Antarctica? Mars? Who the hell knows. I pride myself on being a nomad. *cue Miley Cyrus’s “Can’t Be Tamed”*

I’ve spent about four years in total living in Japan between my homestay just out of high school, year abroad at ICU in college, year in the inaka for JET, and now my time living the dream as a “modern-day merc” in Tokyo. If you have any questions about life in Japan, or the JET Program, or whatever really, feel free to hit me up! And if you’ve been feeling at all stuck or purposeless or just in need of a serious real-life leveling up, also hit me up! Together we’ll get you to boss status in no time.

Also, that girl you see in those pictures above is an imposter. The real Hannah is actually a dog. And she happens to live in the proverbial “rabbit hole,” somewhere between Woo-Woo Land and the Metaverse.