Hannah’s Shenanigans: Adventures in Japan


I’m jfemaledandyaboutust a crazy, fun-loving Ohio-raised girl living in Japan for the third time. I love travel, video games, working out, martial arts, animals, and ice cream! My adventurous nature often lands me in some exciting, silly, and just plain awkward situations—but hey, they make for some great stories!

As I said this is my third time in Japan. As a high-schooler in 2008, I did a homestay in the suburbs of Nagoya. As a college student, I studied at the International Christian University in Tokyo from 2011-2012. Now I’m teaching English on the JET Program and living in the inaka city of Kyotango in Kyoto prefecture. Since I’ve been lucky enough to have such a wide range of living situations and experiences in Japan, I thought it was about time I shared some of my wisdom (and embarrassing stories…) in order to give people an insight into what it’s like to live here!

I will be posting advice for those living in Japan / thinking about moving here in the future, ridiculous things that may happen to me living in the inaka, and excerpts from the journals I kept during my previous two stays in Japan. If you can learn at least one new thing about Japan from this blog, then that’ll make writing it worth it to me! 😛