Hannah’s Shenanigans: Adventures in Japan

From High-Schooler in Nagoya, to College Kid in Tokyo to ALT in Kyotango

That Obligatory Leopalace Apartment Tour

As per usual, I have taken my time getting this apartment tour out. Somehow I even managed to beat my six-month procrastination record from last year! Speaking of which, if you’d like to see my previous apartment you can check…
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Is the “Inaka” Really Cheaper Than the City?

During my time living in the “inaka” town of Kyotango, every time I would bring up to someone how I wanted to move to Tokyo, it would be met with looks of horror. “You don’t want to move to Tokyo,” they…
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That Obligatory Japanese Apartment Tour: Summer Edition

With the unexpected popularity of my first apartment tour, came a lot of requests for a better quality video. So here it is: the summer edition tour of my apartment in Kumihama, Kyoto-fu! The quality is still far from perfect,…
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Why I’m Glad I Was an Alternate: A Guide to Thriving in Alternate Purgatory – The Perks

I’ve gone into my own personal alternate story, given tips on how to cope with alternate limbo and gone into what you can and should do after being upgraded – now it’s time to address the title: “Why I’m Glad…
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So My Wife and I… : Blunders in Japanese Word Choice

When you’re speaking a language you’re not fluent in on a daily basis, mistakes happen. And that’s okay; they’re a natural part of the language-learning process. Personally, I find them to be the best teachers of all – the more…
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Why I’m Glad I Was an Alternate: A Guide to Thriving in Alternate Purgatory – After the Upgrade

So, you’ve been upgraded? Or maybe you were shortlisted, spared from undergoing the trials of alternate-dom? Regardless of how you conquered the monstrous beast that is the JET application, congrats! *cue celebratory music* In this post, I will go into…
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